Victim Impact Curriculum

VI_bookTopics designed for a minimum of twelve 2-hour classes

98-page training book with added activity worksheets + 16 documentary videos


The curriculum is designed to help offenders understand the impact of their crime and change their criminal thinking. As victim advocates, we can address the issue of victim impact with incarcerated men and women. The goal is to reduce victimization by reducing recidivism. This is achieved by meeting two objectives:

  • To help inmates understand the impact their crime had on their victims.
  • To help inmates understand the role and impact victimization has played in their own lives.

Many offenders never think about their victim as a human being or think about their victim at all. Many offenders convince themselves the victim impact is fleeting. Many don’t understand victimization has a trickle-down effect that reaches far beyond the primary victim.

All Victim Impact Curriculum packages come with videos on these topics:

  • Child Sexual Abuse (available in Spanish)VI_book_2videos-sm
  • Adult Sexual Abuse
  • Victims of Violent Crime
  • Family Violence
  • Domestic Violence (available in Spanish)
  • Elder Abuse
  • Internet Crimes
  • Ex-Offenders’ Road to Restoration
  • The Other Side of Death Row
  • Meth in America     

Other videos are also available: Officer Involved Domestic Violence; Educator Sexual Abuse and Sexual Abuse within the Faith Community.

VI_book-ChildAbuse-smThis curriculum may be used as a stand-alone class in conjunction with other programming. Facilitator training by a national expert is also available. Contact us for prices & availability.

11 chapters and greatly expanded information make this highly regarded curriculum the program of choice for many correctional and justice facilities and officials.

Inmates-classYHTP uses this curriculum for its weekly classes held at the Tennessee Prison for Women. It also serves as the foundation for YHTP’s “Train the Trainer” program.

The Victim Impact materials “have greatly enhanced my Anger Management course curriculum for Domestic Violence offenders as well as our various Alcohol & Drug Education classes and groups we offer our clientele. Of particular interest is the educational material related to methamphetamine addiction.” – Tim Lokey, Substance Abuse Counselor (SAC) / Certified Prevention Specialist-I (CPS-I) /  Nationally Certified DUI Class Facilitator,  Tony Rice Center, Shelbyville, TN (

“Last spring, I bought a copy of your Victim Impact Curriculum. I have to tell you that the kit has been a great launching pad for some really great discussions for the men here. The feedback from the participants and their parole officers is that the course is impacting them in some very helpful ways.” – Kate Johnson, Chaplain, Pittsburgh Institution, Ontario, Canada

Comments from offenders who have taken our classes:

prison-man“I broke into houses and I always thought that I just made my victims angry. But I understand now that it was a lot worse than that. I made them angry, I made them feel violated. They don’t feel safe in their own home. I will never make another person feel like that again. Whenever I heard about victims, they were faceless. But you’ve made it more real to me. Your class has made a bigger impact on me than anything else in this program.”

628x471“This is a very important class because you get to see crime through the eyes of the victim. The hurt and disruption that they constantly deal with because of someone else. I see how my decision making affects other people’s lives. This class make the pain feel real. I wasn’t raised to hurt people like this and I’m not gonna continue to do so. This class has played a major role in my desire to change!”

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