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You Have the Power offers these important educational tools:

Resource GuidesEducational DocumentariesVictim Impact Curriculum

Resource Guides are available to any group who can use them. Click the title below to access the document. To receive physical copies of any of our resource guides, we just ask that you pay shipping or pick the books up at our office. The titles include:

  • When Violence Hits Home (EnglishSpanish) – Provides an overview of domestic violence. Includes the Power and Control Wheel, information about the effects of domestic violence on children, a personalized safety plan, and who to call for help in Tennessee. 
  • Our Children (EnglishSpanish) – Offers an overview of child sexual abuse. Includes topics such as abuser tactics, prevention, online safety, and the court process.
  • Crime Survivor’s Guide (EnglishSpanish) – A resource on the Tennessee criminal justice system, written with the victim and victim’s family in mind. Topics covered include going to court, sentencing, victim impact statements, parole, Tennessee Sex offender Registry, and victims’ rights.
  • Senior Safety (EnglishSpanish) – Focuses on elder abuse, but also includes information on fraud prevention and setting up a conservatorship.
  • Sex Trafficking  (EnglishSpanish – Mandarin Chinese) – A resource for preventing and raising awareness about sex trafficking in Tennessee. Includes information such as warning signs, statistics, and local resources.
  • Acquaintance Rape (EnglishSpanish) – Addresses sexual assault with a focus on acquaintance rape–the most common form of this crime. Topics covered include date rape drugs, risk reduction strategies, consent, and appropriate bystander behavior.
  • Take Ctrl – A resource guide on online safety for all ages. Explains the basics of internet safety, the effects and warning signs of cyberbullying, and the dangers of online predators, sexting, malware, and Internet fraud.
  • Methamphetamine – Discusses the problem of meth production and use, and its destructive impact on children, adults, families, communities, and the environment.
  • Protecting the Flock – Explores the problem of child sexual abuse in faith communities, with insight into offender behavior, risk reduction strategies, and how to respond to victims and offenders.
  • Volunteer Handbook – Find out how you can help YHTP in its mission to bring crime prevention awareness and education to the public.

Click here to download the Resource Guide Evaluation. Please e-mail the evaluation to or mail to YHTP, 2401 White Avenue, Nashville TN 37204.

resource guides 2019YHTP wishes to recognize the agencies and companies who provide the funds for printing and updating our resource guides:

  • CoreCivic and the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee (“Our Children”, “When Violence Hits Home”)
  • The Junior League of Nashville (“Sex Trafficking”)
  • The Nashville Predators Foundation (“Acquaintance Rape”, “The Crime Survivor’s Guide”)
  • The Tennessee Department of Children’s Services (“Protecting the Flock”)
  • TRICOR (“The Crime Survivor’s Guide”)
  • The West End Home Foundation (“Senior Safety”)
  • The Women’s Fund of the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee (“Take Ctrl”)

Documentary DVDs: Each DVD comes with a comprehensive discussion guide that can be used by the facilitator. DVDs may be purchased individually or as a group.

DVDs topics include:

“The Nashville Children’s Alliance has used videos produced and sold by YHTP for many years. We have used videos to assist in the education of our Non-Offending Parent/Caregiver Support Groups, as well as an instrument for training volunteers and interns from various colleges and universities.”

June Turner, M.S.
Executive Director
Nashville Children’s Alliance

Child Sexual Abuse

  • Innocence Shattered: The Devastating Legacy of Educator Sexual Misconduct Buy Now!
  • A View From the Shadows (Vol. 1, Exposing the Minds of Child Sex Offenders) Buy Now!
  • A View From the Shadows (Vol. 2, Treating Child Sex Offenders) Buy Now!
  • A View From the Shadows (Vol. 3, Talking About Child Sex Abuse) Buy Now!
  • Una Perspectiva Desde Las Sombras: Abuso Sexual Infantil En La Communidad Hispana (Spanish version of “Talking About Child Sex Abuse”) Buy Now!
  • Behind the Screens: Internet and Technology Dangers Buy Now!
  • The Sacred Secret: Child Sex Abuse in the Faith Community Buy Now!
  • Crossing the Line: Speaking Out Against Child Sex Abuse Buy Now!

Clip from “A View From the Shadows, Vol 1: Exposing the Mind of Child Sex Offenders”

Clip from “A View From the Shadows, Vol 3: Talking About Child Sex Abuse”

 Clip from “Innocence Shattered: The Devastating Legacy of Educator Sexual Misconduct”

Adult Sexual Abuse

  • I Never Thought It Was Rape Buy Now!
  • Voices of Survivors: Victims of Violent Crime Speak Out – Parts 1-4 Buy Now!
  • There’s No Place Like Home – Growing Up With Family Violence Buy Now!
  • The War at Home – Domestic Violence Buy Now!
  • La Guerra en Casa  (Spanish version of “The War at Home”) Buy Now!

Clip from “I Never Thought It Was Rape”

 Clip from “There’s No Place Like Home: Growing Up with Family Violence”

The Code of Silence

  • Code of Silence: Officer Involved Domestic Violence Buy Now!
  • Voices of Victims Buy Now!
  • Voices of Ex-Offenders: The Road to Restoration – Parts 1-3 Buy Now!
  • The Other Side of Death Row Buy Now!

Elder Abuse

  • The Golden Years: A Glimpse Into The Hidden Problem of Elder Abuse Buy Now!


  • Behind the Screens: Internet & Technology Dangers Buy Now!

Clip from “Behind The Screens: Internet & Technology Dangers”


  • Meth – Big Time Drug in Small Town America (Vol. 1 – Victims) Buy Now!
  • Meth- Big Time Drug in Small Town America (Vol. 2 – Facing The Addiction) Buy Now!

 Video Clip from “Meth- Big Time Drug in Small Town America (Vol. 2 – Facing The Addiction)

Human Trafficking

Video Clip from No Girl’s Dream

Singer/songwriter Linda Davis, a member of the You Have the Power Board of Directors who attended the initial screening, stated: “No Girl’s Dream has truly given me and my teenage daughter a more real and present view of this very sad and dark side of society in our state, our city. This tool and resource has the potential to help so many.”

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