VI_book_2videos-smYou Have the Power offers a variety of educational tools for local, state, and national communities, including community presentations, free resource booklets, documentary videos, and Victim Impact classes as well as a national Victim Impact Curriculum. We also offer Victim Impact Facilitator Training at your facility and Stewards of Children Programs and Facilitator Training.

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Documentary DVDs Provide Invaluable Insights on Social Issues

Our documentary DVDs are powerful tools for training and education. Viewers gain a first-hand look into the topics at hand. Told from the personal view of victims and offenders, the subject matter is both engaging and informative.

Our resource guides are valuable resources that provide a significant amount of information for victims and their families.

Victim Impact Curriculum

VI_bookNew & Updated!  Best Practices Victim Impact Curriculum

  • New Topics designed for a minimum of twelve 2-hour classes
  • 98-page training book with added activity worksheets + 16 documentary videos
btnBuyNowDiscussion / Outlines / Videos / Activities / Resource Guide

VI_book_2videos-smFull program includes 16 of our documentary videos!

Topics Include: Child Sexual Abuse / Adult Sexual Abuse / Victims of Violent Crime / Family Violence / Domestic Violence / Elder Abuse / Internet Crimes / Ex-Offenders Road to Restoration / The Other Side of Death Row / Meth in America      Other videos are also available:   Officer Involved Domestic Violence; Educator Sexual Abuse and Sexual Abuse within the Faith Community.    Also available in Spanish: Domestic Violence & Child Sexual Abuse.

VI_book-ChildAbuse-smThis curriculum may be used as a stand-alone class in conjunction with other programming. Facilitator training by a national expert is also available. Contact us for prices & availability.

11 chapters and greatly expanded information make this highly regarded program the program of choice for many correctional and justice facilities and officials.

Inmates-classYHTP uses this curriculum for its weekly classes held at the Tennessee Prison for Women. It also serves as the foundation for YHTP’s “Train the Trainer” program.

The curriculum is designed to help offenders understand the impact of their crime and change their criminal thinking. As victim advocates, we can address the issue of victim impact with incarcerated men and women. The goal is to reduce victimization by reducing recidivism. This is achieved by meeting two objectives:

  • To help inmates understand the impact their crime had on their victims.
  • To help inmates understand the role and impact victimization has played in their own lives.

628x471Many offenders never think about their victim as a human being or think about their victim at all. Many offenders convince themselves the victim impact is fleeting. Many don’t understand victimization has a trickle-down effect that reaches far beyond the primary victim.


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