VI_book_2videos-smYou Have the Power offers a variety of educational tools for local, state, and national communities, including community presentations, free resource booklets, documentary videos, and Victim Impact classes as well as a national Victim Impact Curriculum. We also offer Victim Impact Facilitator Training at your facility and Stewards of Children Programs and Facilitator Training. For a full overview of our programs and resources, click here.

Resource Guides

Our resource guides are free to the public and cover a wide variety of contemporary issues in crime prevention and response.

Documentary DVDs

Our documentary DVDs are powerful tools for training and education. Viewers gain a first-hand perspective into the topics presented by both victims and offenders, the subject matter is both engaging and informative.

Our resource guides are valuable resources that provide a significant amount of information for victims and their families.


Victim Impact Curriculum

Topics designed for a minimum of twelve 2-hour classes

98-page training book with added activity worksheets + 16 documentary videos


Links and Resources

Helpful online resources for more information.


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