Board of Directors

A 16-member board of community and civic leaders governs the agency. Each board member serves on one standing or event committee each year to develop and recruit individual and corporate donor opportunities.

Andrea Conte
Founder and Board Chairman
Former First Lady of Tennessee

Mr. Victor Wynn (Board President), Executive Pastor and Minister of Worship, The Temple Church
Mrs. Judy Bobo Bayer (Board Vice President), Community Volunteer
Ms. Nancy Benskin (Board Treasurer, Senior Vice President and Financial Advisor, Pinnacle Financial Partners)
Mrs. Kimberly Hatley (Board Secretary), Vice President, Internal Audit Department, HCA
Mr. Jeff Bradford, President and CEO, The Bradford Group
Mr. John Drake, Deputy Chief, Support Services Bureau, Metropolitan Nashville Police Department
Mr. Rashed Fakhruddin, Islamic Center of Nashville
Mr. Tony Grande, Executive VP, CoreCivic
Ms. Sara Morgan (Young Leaders Council intern), Bass, Berry & Sims
Mr. Gerald Nicely, Community Volunteer
Mr. Todd Rolapp, Managing Partner, Bass, Berry & Sims
Mr. John Seigenthaler, Partner, DVL Seigenthaler FINN Partners
Mr. Jerome Terrell, Economic and Community Development, Cheatham County Director
Dr. Leslie Wisner-Lynch, Consultant
Ms. Ashley Wood (Junior League of Nashville representative), Manager, Faculty Development Programs, Faculty Affairs Office, School of Medicine, Vanderbilt University

Quotes from Members of the Board

“I’m proud to be part of an organization which has a unique focus on eliminating abuse within our community, by educating the public at large and helping to provide a path toward healing for abuse victims.  Since its founding in 1993 by former First Lady Andrea Conte, You Have the Power has been sustained by its commitment to those victims.”

– Judy Steele Bayer

“I look forward to helping make a difference in YHTP by giving my time and resources to empower victims of violent crimes while raising awareness in our community.”

– Nancy Benskin

“As a member of the Tennessee Parole Board for 12 years I was as amazed at the indignities committed on fellow human beings. Each  day, each hearing  I left thinking  I had finally heard it all. But then the next day, it began again.  On the last day, during the last case, the 200th rape case, I realized if I stayed a hundred years the line would never end. Many of us have been guilty of saying “he’d never get away with that with me” only to wake and realize that scream that woke us was our child’s as she was being violated in some way by a thief in the night. Those cases, the echoes of all those screams, are what brought me to the YHTP board, where hopefully I can do something to help soothe and silence some of those screams.”

– Patsy Bruce

“I believe in empowering and inspiring for those to have courage to move forward. You Have the Power is just that.”

– John Drake

“The education component of preventing violent crimes from happening is what most attracted me to serve on the YHTP’s board, which I am honored to be a part of among other excellent leaders starting from Andrea Conte.  I feel the importance of advocating and working for those whose safety, rights, social and emotional well-being are at risk due to being targets or victims of violent crime. Having been involved with the YWCA’s Engaging Men Against Violence initiative, I look forward to learning and educating to help prevent violent crimes in all phases of society, especially in the areas of domestic violence and bullying.”

– Rashed Fakhruddin

“I’m proud to serve on the Board of YHTP because of the meaningful impact our organization makes on real people – both individuals who need to heal and offenders who need to change – while educating others in our communities about how each one of us can prevent the victimization of our loved ones, friends and neighbors.”

– Tony Grande

“I am proud to serve an organization comprised of individuals so passionate about victim’s rights and dedicated to helping be a voice for real people. I believe YHTP’s mission addresses a true need within our communities by methods of education and awareness – not only the victims, but also their families. You can truly see how the efforts of this organization changes lives.”

– Kimberly F. Hatley

“I serve on the Board of YHTP because I believe in the mission: To advocate for victims and educate the community to prevent violent crime. There are two key words to me in this statement. The first is advocate which means to speak on behalf of, or in favour of, something or someone who is not able or willing to do so for themselves. The second word is victims which mean a person who suffers unjustly, for no good reason.”

– Pam Martin

“I am honored to serve on the board of You Have the Power because of our mission: to advocate for crime victims and to help prevent violent crime by educating the community. Victims of crime need a voice, and You Have the Power helps victims have a voice and provides victims information that will help them begin to heal.”

– Sandra Morgan

“We live in an age where stories of violent crimes are more pervasive than ever but resources for preventing people from becoming victims of those crimes and helping them after they do remain too scarce. We need YHTP more than ever, and I feel privileged to have a chance to work with the organization.”

– Todd Rolapp


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