“You Have the Power” to Prevent Bullying

August 26, 2019 10:36 am Published by Comments Off on “You Have the Power” to Prevent Bullying

bullying presentationYou Have the Power (YHTP) is offering its updated bullying prevention curriculum at no cost to schools, youth groups, houses of worship, and civic groups across Tennessee.

“Bullying prevention ties into our larger mission of crime prevention,” says Cathy Gurley, YHTP’s CEO. “Kids who bully are more likely to abuse their partners and children as adults. Their victims and even kids who see it without actually experiencing it can suffer lifelong trauma.”

“By helping parents, teachers, and children understand the effects of bullying and how to stop it before it reaches critical mass, we create safer schools, safer communities, and a safer Tennessee,” Gurley said.

YHTP can present to parents, teachers, children, or mixed audiences. We work with each school or group that requests a presentation to meet their schedules, policies, and specific needs. Presentations usually run 90 minutes, but we can scale them down to fit class periods or other time constraints.

Typical presentations include an interactive Kahoot presentation followed by a facilitator-led discussion with Q&A following. We welcome the involvement of school staff, law enforcement, clergy, and other organizational leaders who can provide additional commentary and customized information.

To schedule a presentation for your school, house of worship, or community group, call us at (615) 292-7027 or e-mail us at


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