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We are available to come to your business, school, or any other organization to present a safety training presentation on any subject of our expertise. Each safety training typically consists of a screening of one of our acclaimed documentaries followed by a panel discussion featuring local experts from law enforcement and nonprofits, including a Q&A session in which audience members can ask questions of the panelists.

To book a presentation, check the availability of YHTP, or receive more information, please call our office at (615) 292-7027 between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, or email us at

Human Trafficking            Acquaintance Rape          Bullying          Child Sex Abuse

Human Trafficking

No Girl's Dream coverDocumentary Feature: “No Girl’s Dream: Human Trafficking in Tennessee,” featuring testimony from survivors of trafficking, law enforcement, and nonprofit experts

Attendees of our human trafficking safety presentation will discover:

  • Red flags of human trafficking
  • Effects of trafficking on victims
  • Legal resources available to help victims
  • Methods of prevention and reducing human trafficking in our community

Acquaintance Rape

Documentary Feature: “I Never Thought It Was Rape,” featuring testimony from survivors and an offender of acquaintance rape

Attendees of our acquaintance rape safety presentation will discover:

  • Persistent effects of acquaintance rape on victims
  • How to prevent acquaintance rape in our community
  • Resources available to help victims


Our bullying prevention workshops are designed for elementary and middle school students but can be adapted to fit the needs of the audience.

Attendees of our bullying prevention workshop will discover:

  • The different types of bullying
  • The effects of bullying on a victim
  • How to report and prevent bullying

Child Sexual Abuse

Documentary Feature: “A View from the Shadows:  Talking about Child Sex Abuse”

Attendees of our child sexual abuse prevention training will discover:

  • The lasting effects of sexual abuse on a young victim
  • How to prevent child sexual abuse in our community
  • Warning signs of child abusers and abuse
  • How to proceed when faced with the reality of child sexual abuse


To book any of our safety trainings or request more information, please call the YHTP office at (615) 292-7027 between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, or email us at


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