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Thank You…

to everyone who came out and supported survivors of violent crime at our Walk Off Crime 2016 on Sat – Sept 24. We appreciate YOU!

We’ll have photos to share soon!


Thank You…

to the great HCA Community Day 2016 folks! 


From left: Rajinish Srivastava, Brandon Johnson, YHTP’s Veronica Clark, Jose Presa, Suzanne Presa, Miranda Yoder and Jane Floyd

Our volunteer team was made up of  HCA professionals who ordinarily work as engineers, accountants, IT gurus and leaders in other specialized professions. But for this one day, they threw themselves heart and soul into making YHTP more organized and productive!



We’re giving a big shout out to:

Jane Floyd
Brandon Johnson
Jose Presa
Suzanne Presa
Rajnish Srivastava
Miranda Yoder





Thank you for choosing us as your HCA Community Day organization. You took time and care to organize our documentaries, get our supply closet in shape, clean our entire basement, coordinate data entry of our surveys and stuff our Walk Off Crime 2016 goody bags. You were awesome, and we feel like you gave us a wonderful gift.

‘Tis the Season to be Powerfully Thankful!


Save the date.

We’ll be posting more details shortly, so check back often.

We’re Powerfully Thankful for everyone who supports You Have the Power and we want all of you to know it!















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